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About The Company
Being in this industry for more than 12 years, Mauli Enterprises is one of the best consultancy service available in Maharashtra.

In the year 2007, Maharashtra rolled out its own PSARA Act Rules and Regulations. During this time, Mr. Laxman Mahadev Pawar worked as a Police Inspector in Thane branch for the PSARA section. He retired after 40 years of dedicated service in the May 2009. Having worked with the new PSARA rules and regulations closely during his years of service, Mr. Laxman decided to open his own private consultancy firm to help fellow businesses to get their PSARA licenses with ease. He gave birth to Mauli Enterprises in Nov 2009. Being a reputed ex-policeman, many businesses wanting to get their PSARA license approached him and the clients have only increased in years.

Mauli Enterprises started flourishing, and the clientele kept increasing. Due to keen knowledge about the documentation involved in obtaining a PSARA license, clients trusted Mauli Enterprises to guide them to getting a license and avoid rejection of application. The company kept thriving under Mr. Laxman’s leadership. In the year 2013, Mr. Laxman passed away.

Mr. Chandan Laxman Pawar (s/o Mr. Laxman Mahadev Pawar) was studying his Mechanical Engineering degree while the company was setting routes. After his father’s passing, Mr. Chandan decided to take over the reins of his father’s company and kept the legacy going. Being present since the company was just an idea, Mr. Chandan dedicatedly helped Mauli Enterprises rise to new heights. Today the company handles over 550 clients under his capable leadership.

Apart from being a PSARA license consultancy, the company is a self-security firm and also looks after other documentations such as ESIC compliance. Mauli Enterprises is one of the most trusted names in the private security agency industry. With knowledgeable agents and profound leadership one can choose us for their private security agency consultation without any hesitation. The services are on-time, tracked, based on ethics and guidelines, and quality-controlled.

Starting a security company has never been easier than consulting with Mauli Enterprises!

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