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PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act)
Wanting to open a private security firm but unaware of where to start? Let Mauli Enterprises guide you in collecting the building blocks for setting up your business. For setting up any private security firm in India, one needs to acquire a PSARA license. PSARA is a duly registered license that enables any individual to set up their own private security firm under the Private Security Agencies Security Act 2005.
But how can one get this license and what documents do they require? There are so many technicalities and chances of being overwhelmed in the process.

What We Offer ?

Training Certification and MOU

Any and every security training under the Private Security Agency Regulations Act (PSARA) needs to be justified with a training certificate. These certificates prove the authenticity of the personnel’s training so that they can be hired at reputed firms.

We ensure the training facilities that issue these certificates have correct tools to train an individual in subjects such as:

• Physical Fitness Training
• Conduct in Public and Appropriate uniform etiquettes
• Knowledge of physical assets, property, household or personnel security
• Fire Safety Training
• Crowd Control

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